Clients and Tenants

Blackthorne Capital Management

Blackthorne Capital Management is dedicated to its unique partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to generate a new generation of financial thinking and research. The partnership fosters a collaborative environment that promotes excellence in financial research.

Renwig Custom

Renwig Custom, LLC, a visiting fellow, is a net-age builder of boutique tube amplifiers for the guitar and bass. We are capitalizing on an old technology to bring it to a new era. The result is a very clever way of providing digital-age control while maintaining a classic analog sound. Click here to find out more about Renwig Custom: Renwig on YouTube

Foundry Solutions

Foundry Solutions, a visiting fellow, produces accelererants for the production of ceramic shells and therefore reduce the time for fabrication of parts. The ceramic shells produced through investment casting are used to manufacture metal parts used in many industries (ranging from auto manufacturing and medical devices to aerospace.

Whitewater Incubation Program (WhIP)

The Whitewater Incubation Program is comprised of several groups:


iMentors provide support services, mentoring, and coaching to Innovation Center clients. Mentors may also request a stipend/course release to coordinate with a single start-up company on key business development activities (Fellowship must be co-sponsored by start-up), iMentors are required to “be in residence” in the iHUB—located at the Innovation Center—for at least five hours per week and must participate in periodic iHUB meetings/activities.


iFellows participate in one of three tracks:

  • TRACK 1 - Establish own start-up company
  • TRACK 2 - Conduct applied research leading to the development of faculty/staff intellectual property that could be commercialized
  • TRACK 3 - complete market analyses other development work leading to establishment of a revenue generating UW-Whitewater Center.


The iHUB is both a collaborative space located in the Innovation Center and a series of programs designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies (particularly start-ups) through an array of business support resources and services.

Cooperative Educational Service Agency #2

Cooperative Educational Service Agency #2 (CESA 2) is one of twelve Cooperative Educational Service Agencies governing the public school system in the state of Wisconsin. CESA 2 assists school districts in providing quality educational opportunities for students with educational effectiveness and economic efficiency. The agency provides students, parents and staff with the resources needed for an exceptional education. Program offerings range from driver education and spelling bees to school nutrition and parent education.

The Jefferson-Eastern Dane Interactive

The Jefferson-Eastern Dane Interactive (JEDI) Distance Education Network is open to all students that face limitations with the traditional learning environment. The JEDI Virtual School has been granted charter to meet the unique needs of its student population. The school provides all of the same educational opportunities of a traditional school setting in format that accommodates each individual student.